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Cold Weather Layering
15lb. Gear Bag (PDF Document)

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The three layer system of apparel made of synthetic fibers is the most flexible and efficient clothing system.

  • The base layer functions to keep your skin dry and begin to move perspiration away from the skin.
  • The insulation layer provides warmth and continues to move moisture away from the body.
  • The shell layer (or outer layer) provides protection from the elements and also ventilation.

    To Learn more about the three layer system Click Here

Synthetic fiber apparel is light, flexible, warm when wet, fast drying, and offers easy laundering and care. This approach utilizes the layering concept and will minimize weight and bulk and maximize your comfort. “Twice the warmth with half the weight” is a realistic end result. The beauty of this approach is that the base and insulation layer can be used for many different outdoor activities. The shell layer can be a bit sport specific.

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